Fund it Back

Fund it Back

Fund it Back™

What is it?

The Fund it Back™ program creates a win-win scenario for both project creators and causes. The program gives projects the opportunity to give back a small portion of their success to a deserving cause or charity. Participating projects are also marked with an orange border and our Fund it Back™ logo.

How Does it Work?

When creating a project, the project owner has the opportunity to either opt in or out of the Fund it Back program. If they choose to participate they agree to donate 1% of their total amount raised to the charity or cause of their choice. The project owner will then pick from a list of pre-screened causes to receive their donation.

Why Participate?

Fund it Back™ gives project owners a chance to share their success with a deserving cause or charity. Not only do they have the chance to do some good, they also have their project highlighted by a bright orange border and our Fund it Back logo. This draws attention to their project over others creating an incentive to participate in the program. Project owners will be giving back to a deserving cause all the while attracting more attention to their own project, a win-win.