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Intro to QiKfunder

Creating a Project

Funding a Project

Fund it Back

Sliding Scale

 Intro to QiKfunder

What is QiKfunder?

QiKfunder is a full service social funding platform. QiKfunder is home to many great projects of numerous categories including design technology film photography charity etc.

How does it work?

Entrepreneurs innovators or anyone with a great idea or product can create a project on QiKfunder. The project must be clear with a purpose and detailed information. Once the project is ready to be seen by the world it is launched on our site. People from all over will be able to view the project and have the option to contribute money towards completing the project.

Why do people pledge money for projects?

The reasons for pledging money are many but most often people either want to receive the rewards offered by the project creator or have a desire to be a part of the project and help see it through to completion. Also funding projects through pledges helps stimulate the economy by bringing products to market faster and creating jobs.

Can I create a campaign for anything on QiKfunder?

QiKfunder is home to many campaigns for many different types of projects however every project is not fit for QiKfunder. We do not accept fund my life projects or anything illegitimate or illegal.

How do I know if my project is fit for QiKfunder?

For a detailed list on what is not fit for QiKfunder please refer to our campaign guidelines.

Can I fund my charity or cause on QiKfunder?

Yes At QiKfunder we love to see worthy causes and charities but please no fund my life causes. What is a fund my life project A fund my life project is a project to pay bills buy a new corvette new rims for my car etc.

Does QiKfunder review projects before they are allowed on th?

QiKfunder staff briefly reviews projects to ensure that they meet the campaign guidelines and have included all necessary information.

Who backs projects?

Anyone with a credit card or PayPal account can fund a project. Most often pledges start with family and friends and spread by word of mouth and social media.

Does QiKfunder use All-or-Nothing funding?

QiKfunder uses a modified version of all-or-nothing funding we call a sliding scale funding model. Our sliding scale model allows projects that have reached 50 of their goal to receive those funds if they are sufficient to fulfill funder rewards. If a project is fully funded QiKfunder receives only 4 - less than most competitors In addition to our Sliding Scale QiKfunder does offer an All or Nothing funding option. In the All or Nothing option if your project does not reach at least 100 of it go

What are the costs of using QiKfunder?

QiKfunders fees vary based on the percentage of funding goal met. If a project is fully funded QiKfunder takes 4 of the total a project funded between 50 and 99 is charged a fee based off of our sliding scale model. 50-69 - 8fee 70-79 - 7fee 80-89 - 6fee 90-99 - 5fee 100 - 4fee nbsp In addition to our Sliding Scale QiKfunder does offer an All or Nothing funding option. In the All or Nothing option if your project does not reach at least 100 of it goal it will not receive any funding. If a projec

Do Funders own equity in the companies they pledge money to?

QiKfunder does engage in social investment for equity however that is handled in a separate section of the site. The social funding side of our site does not offer equity options. If interested in investing in a company please visit our social investment branch. This will include a full set of FAQ and all the information necessary to begin investing. We will have more information about equity funding coming soon.

Who is in charge of making sure a project is completed?

The responsibility of completing a project rests solely with the project creators. QiKfunder is not responsible for the failure of a project at any level including the failure to come through with promised rewards. It is up to the funders judgment if a project is worthy of support.

How should I decide which projects to fund?

Look for a project that has a clear goal with a solid plan in place to execute that goal. Projects that have personal links to Facebook or include background information are generally more credible. If ever skeptical of a project reach out to project creators through our messaging system.

Are project creators legally obligated to fulfill rewards?

Yes. Our terms of use create a legal requirement for project creators to fulfill their promises. If they cannot do so they are required to offer a refund to each funder whose reward is not fulfilled. These terms serve as both a legal requirement for project creators and a safety net for funders.

What is QiKfunder doing to make the community safer?

QiKfunder is the safest social funding platform available. We use PayPal to process payments for a reason they are quite simply the most respected and safest method of payment available. We make sure to provide community members every bit of information possible that may help them in their decision to fund a project. We are constantly on the lookout for suspicious activity and constantly review projects reported by community members for violations and fraudulent behavior.

Can I download the QiKfunder logo?

Yes our logos and other media are available for download via the Press section - see the bottom right of the page.

Where can I submit additional questions?

Additional questions can be submitted to us by filling out the contact form located in the contact section at the bottom of the page. For direct questions to project creators chat via our messaging feature.

Can I have multiple campaigns at once?

We believe its best to stick with one project at a time. Multiple projects ending near the same time create a situation where project creators may not be able to fulfill their rewards however if you feel that you have two projects that would be best run at the same time you may submit a request for approval to run multiple campaigns. We will review your request and approve or deny on a case by case basis. Note that this policy includes both normal projects and causes.

Can I run my campaign as a non-profit?

Yes - as a registered non-profit 501c3 you my create up to 5 simultaneous causes as long as you follow our guidelines to do so. You may also offer backers tax deductions for their contributions.

Can I delete my QiKfunder project?

Once your project is approved and goes live it will be permanently available even after completion. This way you and other potential project creators can view completed and ongoing projects as reference and continually improve future campaigns. Note that we may remove projects or content that infringe our Terms of Service.

What does the Favorite button do?

The favorite button allows you to keep track of projects you like. When you favorite a project you will be alerted when that project nears completion or posts new media and updates.

Creating a Project

How Do I start my project on QiKfunder?

Getting started is easy Click on the Start Your Campaign button at the top of the page or home screen and you will be guided through the process

Who is eligible to create a project on QiKfunder?

To create a campaign on QiKfunder all you need is to be 18 years of age or older a permanent resident of the United States possess a U.S. bank account and a PayPal account. The requirements to offer equity options on QiKfunder will be announced soon.

Is a PayPal account required to create a project on QiKfunde?

Yes A PayPal account is required. To create a PayPal account go to PayPals website and follow their simple instructions on creating an account.

How does the campaign review process work on QiKfunder?

QiKfunder will review projects to ensure that they meet our guidelines. Projects deemed inappropriate for QiKfunder will be rejected those accepted will then be able to launch his or her campaign

What should be done before launching my campaign?

Become as familiar with QiKfunder and our guidelines as possible. Take time to study other project creators campaigns to see what has been successful. Project creators should carefully outline their budget and determine the goal. Project creators need to decide whether or not to opt in to the sliding scale or accept full funding.

How much time will it take for my project to launch?

After submitting the project to us for review it will take 1-2 days to ensure it meets our guidelines. Once approved the project is ready is ready to launch at any time.

Is a video required to launch my project?

QiKfunder does not require a video to launch your campaign - but we highly recommend it Short videos explaining the campaign and its purpose have been proven to be more successful at raising funding than just images and text.

What can I offer to my funders as a reward?

Rewards are subject to the project creators discretion. It can be anything that adheres to our guidelines most often project creators offer an early release of their product a shirt thank you letter phone call etc.

How many of one reward level can I offer?

Project creators may choose to have no limit on a certain reward or they may choose to limit any particular reward to as few as one.

Can I charge separate shipping for my rewards?

Project creators will need to factor in shipping costs when setting the price of each reward however there will have an option to charge extra for international shipping.

Can I choose to limit a certain reward to the U.S. only?

Yes notate U.S. shipping only in the reward description to limit a reward to U.S. shipping.

Am I limited to my set funding goal?

No once a project creator has reached the funding goal he or she may continue to raise additional money past the goal until the campaign ends.

Can I cancel my campaign after it has gone live?

Project creators may choose to cancel funding and all pledges will be voided however the project will still be available for anyone to view and comment on.

How do I have my friends preview my project?

You will be given a link to your project preview so that you may share it with others for their opinions. You will also have the option to disable this link.

Can multiple people be listed as project creators?

We are working on implementing creator Teams where users can team up to create projects together each project generated by a Team will list all Team members as project creators and like to their respective profiles. However you may only tie a single Paypal email or other payment account ID as applicable to the project at a time.

How do I upload additional media to my project?

Once youve submitted the basic information and description for your project youll have the option to upload additional videos pictures and assign them to the project. YouTube Vine videos may also be assigned. Once your project is submitted you can add new media through the Edit Project function in your profile.

Do I need to own the copyright to the media on my page?

You may not use any content that you do not own without the express permission of the owner. QiKfunder will not screen your project for copyright infringement and is not responsible for any repercussions that may occur by using someone elses material.

Can I edit my project after it goes live?

Once your project is approved and is live you may only modify certain aspects of your project. You may freely add new media project updates new rewards FAQs. Because some funders may contribute to your project based on what they read in the description or see via any media youve included we dont allow the description to be modified or media to be removed.

Do I have to answer questions from funders?

It is your responsibility to keep funders up to date on your project by posting updates and answering questions. Funders need to know that you are a real person and are committed to your campaign. We encourage you to spend as much time as possible online to answer questions and respond to chats. If you find that you are having recurring questions add it to the F.A.Q. at the bottom of your page.

What can I change after my funding has ended?

Once the funding period is over you may not modify the project - it will remain viewable in its current state. You may add new Project Updates to keep funders and viewers up to date - but media FAQs and other project details may not be changed.

Can I change my delivery date?

Yes you may change your delivery date however all funders will be notified and given the option to withdraw their pledge if you do so.

How do I get my project on the popular page?

The popular page is populated by a proprietary algorithm that takes into account many different factors. If your project is indeed popular rest assured it will be on the popular page.

How do I have my project be a QiKPick?

QiKPicks are chosen by QiKfunder staff. We choose the projects that we feel are most exciting and creative or just interest us the most. To better your chances of your project becoming a QiKPicks create a great campaign

Where will my project be on QiKfunder?

Your project may be several places on our site. Your project will be viewable under the category you choose to place it in by browsing all projects in that category. Your project may also be in new projects popular or QiKpicks. Additionally you may search for your project by key words or project title.

How do I receive my money if my project is successful?

Once your project is successful the funds will be automatically transferred to your Paypal account. Bear in mind that while the transfer normally begins within the hour the transfer may take longer depending on website traffic and the number of transfer requests being processed at the time.

How will I know my funders information to send them rewards?

If your project is successful you will receive by default your funders email addresses during reward creation you may opt to request shipping information from your funders. In such cases any funders that choose that reward will be prompted to submit their shipping information. To help protect our funders information you will not receive their email or shipping info until the project has been successfully completed.

If my project is not successful can I try again?

If unsuccessful or if you simply need more funding you may try again as many times as you would like. However you will need to do so via a new project - we also recommend you look back on your old attempts other successful projects in order to help improve your new campaign attempt.

If Im going to miss my estimated delivery date what should I?

strongCommunicatestrong. We highly recommend you work hard to meet any dates or appointments you set. Most people understand that especially with crowdfunding campaigns delays sometimes occur - generally speaking your funders should be at least willing to cooperate with you as long as you are honest and keep them informed.

How do I register to receive funds?

We have chosen to partner with PayPal for all of our transactions. To register all you need to do is create a PayPal business account.

How do I create a PayPal business account?

You can create a PayPal business account a hrefhttpswww.paypal.comuscgi-binwebscr cmd_flowampSESSIONM8CMQc1cnuPJnnsAVuva95kNtHRwS20AQyo3bwo2TqrfseY ePA7cuMeYbFaampdispatch5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8d0b7e678a25d883d0fa7 2c947f193f8fdherea. Follow the directions provided by PayPal.

PayPal is asking for my business information and I am runnin?

PayPal will ask for your business information dont worry if you do not have one. Simply select individual as your business type and estimate to the best of your knowledge other information such as sales volume feel free to use your rewards as a reference for transaction amount. You may also list QiKfunder as your website if you do not have one.

My project was rejected but I feel that it meets your guidel?

If your project is not initially approved you will receive a message describing what you might do to modify improve your project. You may then re-submit and wait for the next reviewal.If your project was not approved and you feel that it fits within our guidelines and that nothing needs modified you may submit an appeal in writing via the link provided in the message you received with your review status. We will then re-evaluate your project if we feel it still does not fit within our guideline

What would constitute a project being suspended?

A project may be suspended if it violates QiKfunders Terms of Service or Guidelines. A project may also be suspended if it exhibits fraudulent behavior or suspicious activity including drastic changes to their stated business plan pitch.

What should I do if I think a project is in violation of you?

At the bottom of every project page there is a report button. Simply click on this button and briefly explain why you think they are in violation. QiKfunder will review the report as soon as possible.

What happens if a project is suspended?

The project creator and all funders will be notified by email if a project is suspended. All contributions will be cancelled and the project closed. This action is not reversible and QiKfunder reserves the right to decline disclosure of any reasons or information leading to our decision.

Funding a Project

Does QiKfunder issue refunds to funders?

No QiKfunder does not handle refunds. In fact QiKfunder never handles funders money at all. Once a project is funded payments are processed by PayPal not QiKfunder. PayPal sends funds directly to the project creator and QiKfunder receives our percentage from PayPal. Project creators may issue refunds through PayPal.

Does QiKfunder offer a guarantee to funders?

We do not make any guarantees regarding projects fulfilling their promises. QiKfunders purpose is to bring together project creators and funders who both share the desire to see great ideas brought to life. By accepting our terms of use funders acknowledge that there is a risk involved in funding a project. It is up to the funders judgment to determine if it is worth the risk.

Where can I find great projects to fund?

Projects can be found all over the site. To look for a particular project use the search bar at the top of the page or browse through our different categories. Our QiKpicks will feature our most popular projects featured under the respective tab.

Do I need to link my bank account with my PayPal account?

Yes you will need to link your bank account and PayPal account. The process is easy and can be done by following PayPals instructions online.

What if a Funders credit card is declined?

If a Funders card is declined he or she will be prompted via email to provide an alternate means of payment. If they do not correct the issue within 7 days they will no longer be funders of the project and will not receive any rewards.

Can I fund my own project?

No you are not permitted to contribute to your own project. If your project is unsuccessful however you may try again.

How can I fund a project?

To fund a project simply click on the Fund This Project button at the top of a projects rewards. This will take you to a page where you will be prompted to input your contribution amount and select your desired reward as applicable. You will then use PayPal to complete the transaction.

When will I be charged?

Your card will be charged when a project is completed and has at least 50 of the funding goal. If a project does not meet at least 50 of its goal or opts out of the sliding scale you will never be charged.

Who will know how much I contributed?

The amount you contribute will only be known by you and the project creator. Unless you make a quiet contribution your display name and avatar will be listed on the Funders tab for any projects you fund.

What do I do if I have a question about the project?

If you have a question you should first check the FAQs for the project. If your question is not answered you may contact the project creator via message or any other medium they specify email website social media etc.

Can the project creator see all my information if I make a c?

The project creator will only receive your name email contribution amount and the reward you selected. If you selected a reward that requires shipping or additional info the creator will also receive that info. Note that creators may only see your name avatar and contribution amount until the project is successfully completed if the project is not successful creators will not receive your email or any additional information they requested.If you make a strongquiet contributionstrong the project

How do I know if a project is successful?

You will be notified by message email when projects you fund or favorite are completed.

Can I cancel my contribution?

You may cancel your contribution up until 48 hours before a project ends. To cancel click on the Fund This Project button on the project page. From here you will be able to cancel.

Can I change my contribution amount and my reward?

If you wish to modify your contribution you will need to cancel your current pledge via Funded Projects in your profile and make a new contribution with the total amount you desire. Alternatively you can simply make additional contributions for any extra amount you desire.

Who can contribute to a project?

Anyone with a major credit card or PayPal account can contribute.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Campaigns created by a 501c3 organization may explicitly offer tax deductible contributions rewards if a campaign or reward is tax deductible it will be explicitly listed in the reward or project description.

How can I pay other than PayPal?

We accept payment via credit card and Paypal. Credit card transactions are handled by Paypal but do not require a Paypal account.

How will project creators get my information to send my rewa?

Project creators will send you an email requesting any information they need to get you your reward.

What do I do if I do not receive my reward?

If you do not receive your reward and it is past the expected delivery date you should check for any project updates with an explanation. If none exists you should send a direct message to the project creator. If you still do not receive a response post a comment on the project asking for an explanation.

When will my reward be delivered?

You should check the estimated delivery date for the reward you selected. The date shown is the project creators best guess for the delivery date.

Fund it Back

What is Fund it Back?

The Fund it Back program creates a win-win scenario for both project creators and causes. The program gives projects the opportunity to give back a small portion of their success to a deserving cause or charity. Participating projects are also marked with an orange border and our Fund it Back logo.

How does Fund it Back work?

When creating a project the project owner has the opportunity to either opt in or out of the Fund it Back program. If they choose to participate they agree to donate 1 of their total amount raised to the charity or cause of their choice. The project owner will then pick from a list of registered non-profit organizations to receive their donation.

Why should I participate in Fund it Back?

Fund it Back gives project owners a chance to share their success with a deserving cause or charity. Not only do they have the chance to do some good they also have their project highlighted by a bright orange border and our Fund it Back logo. This draws attention to their project over others creating an incentive to participate in the program. Project owners will be giving back to a deserving cause all the while attracting more attention to their own project a win-win.

Sliding Scale

Do you use All-or-Nothing or similar funding models?

QiKfunder uses a modified version of all-or-nothing funding we call a sliding scale funding model. Our sliding scale model allows projects that have reached 50% of their goal to receive those funds if they are sufficient to fulfill funder rewards. If a project is fully funded, QiKfunder receives only 4% - less than most competitors In addition to our Sliding Scale QiKfunder does offer an All or Nothing funding option.In the All or Nothing option if your project does not reach at least 100% of its goal.