Validucation is a project currently under development designed to completely rewrite the current ideation of education.

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Validucation is a project currently under development designed to completely rewrite the current ideation of education. The rationalizing of this claim is as follows; children attending preschool have an opportunity to start this educational process, then when deciding to exit the educational process (high school or college), these students will also be exiting our program. What this process, Validucaiton, will be engineered to accomplish is to create a learning atmosphere that is completely customized for each individual student. This will ensure the quality and effectiveness of education per student. Our algorithms are currently under development to understand the interests of the children and utilize this to create the drive and passion needed to succeed in their interest fields. We will call this peak-interest, as this will be the main goal so that students will know what careers in the future will fit their interests and desires. This education process will be more effective if the students will enter when they are beginning the formal educational process to which their country is following. This will allow our program to monitor their interests, strengths, weakness, and intelligence early so we can establish an efficient and effective education that they will love. We have created a grading system that will grade based on the percentage of completion of the curriculum that they receive: which means that they will not be judged to think that their peers are smarter or dumber than them. This only reinforces work habit. We also recommend that students will not be divided by age, but by learning styles, as this creates a more effective learning environment. Passion is the key to this entire program.

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