Captain Crunch Needs Your Help

Help him focus on recovery!

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    About this Cause

    Friends, fans, and fellow phreakers: Captain Crunch needs help!

    Multiple debilitating health issues landed John Draper in the Hospital (for over a month) where had had to undergo multiple surgeries, rehabilitation programs and even fight for his life (suffered a cardiac arrest under anaesthesia). John is a fighter and managed to overcome the worst; he was released a few days ago and is getting ready to continue his rehabilitation program as he now wonders how he will sustain himself.

    Who Is John Draper?

    Over the past 40 years, John has helped an enormous list of individuals (mostly in the tech and hacking world) and corporations, contributing to the foundations of the many gadgets we have today (he also called President Nixon to tell him Los Angeles was running out of toilet paper ;). Known as 'Captain Crunch' for his legendary phone phreaking, Draper has always been driven by passion and not money, and despite his many contributions to companies such as Apple where he wrote the first word processor called EasyWriter for the Apple II, Crunch is not a wealthy man. Up to two months ago John always depended on himself to support his simple life, but now due to his recent health issues he is unable to work or travel.

    To insure his focus remains on his recovery, we want to help him to cover his personal and medical expenditures he will be facing for the many months ahead.

    The smallest donation can make a difference in this mans life..

    Please share and support,

    Thank you

    Friends of Crunch

    Updates & Announcements

    Update: Sunday, October 5, 2014 (9:27 UTC)   
    Update: Sunday, September 28, 2014 (5:58 UTC)   
    We've raised $5000! Thank you SO much to everyone who has/is contributing! Medical expenses and rehabilitation can get expensive quickly - as we're already exceeding our initial goal of $5000, we hope, with your continued generosity, that we can double or triple our goal!

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    We are a group friends of John Draper AKA Captain Crunch... we just want to help him get trough these dificult times...



    Raised $17,062

    Goal $5,000



    This campaign concluded funding at 8:08 pm GMT on November 20, 2014 after successfully raising 341% of its goal!

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