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Since I have been alive, I've lived through music. Regardless of the industry heading for disrepair since my ability to recollect; I forced my way through jobs and a college education while simultaneously working in over 60 hours a week in professional recording studios. During this time I gained far more experience as an audio engineer that I had planned. It was an opportunity to acquire the knowledge to recognize what makes a good recording, mix, master, and many other useful bits of wisdom pertaining to the end goal of my craft. It turned out that study these principles happened to coincide with chances to implement them. There's no better way for me to learn. You can't buy the quality of experience and education I developed through this time.

I would take a break occasionally from those things to tour as the lead guitarist/backup vocalist for a band of which I was a founding member. The band released two studio albums and a live album. We had wide regional success. We were based out of our state's capital, receiving amazing reviews and support through the air waves. I got to play on stage with many bands that I grew up listening to on radio.

The touring, sitting at a computer through days and nights, and sleeping at work to save time and travel has caused a serious complication with my back that conjured pain that makes even the slightest task at least twice as arduous. Even within this circus of exhausting and physically taxing accelerated learning, the most painful events lie within the trust I put in others to help me guide my career. The details of these relationships are not a suggestion for re-visitation for me. I'd like to keep pressing toward my end goal of composing and producing music for feature film.

I am taking my entire career into my own hands at this point. I have a solo record set to debut in the near future. I wrote, engineered, and produced the entire project. I have dedicated every waking moment to making this record which was sparked by an intimate relationship that was ironically dismantled by grueling dedication to music and advice from a record label executive who I gladly didn't sign over my music rights. Through a few more pivotal broken financial promises, I am currently sitting on the presentation of my life's work and chance to make it worth while.

I'm in debt from student loans, now living on borrowed rent, no money to fund the record release and/or web development, and I'm writing this at 4:30 am on a Sunday morning, because I can hardly afford to sleep. I've sacrificed everything I had and then some and worked my way painstakingly to the finish line to discover that I need help crossing that threshold. Anything helps. I have no set goal, because I don't want to ask for a penny more than I absolutely need. I would like to be able to take care of my family with the craft I've worked so diligently to polish. Some day I would like to be the one with the ability to help others financially. Just like you, I live to pay forward. Thank you for reading.

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