Chadder: Private Messaging

Our goal is to build an all-in-one application using features you all know and love while fully integrating privacy! This is an application where YOU are in control.

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    About this Project

    We all live in an age where people have choices for what sites they want to share their data on. Unfortunately, most of these sites only allow users to keep their information safe within the companies’ servers. Facebook, Twitter, Google and, SnapChat are some of the larger ones that are secure not private. Users have two choices: they can either choose to share it with everyone, for forever. Or they can choose to share it for 30 seconds and then get locked out of their own data.

    The Chadder application uses PKI to secure your messages. As we develop we can add more security layers that allow people to send group messages and still be private and secure.  As developers we have worked to create an application that has security fully built in vs. just laid on top. The goal is to build an application that is fun and easy to use that happens to be private. 

    Lets all be honest. When an application tells you to go through extra steps to be private we all say "why do I care its just texts between my mother and I who cares if Telegram owns them?" Telegram is deceiving in the fact that you have to open secret chats in order to have the messages be truly private. Granted everything is secure on their servers. Chadder is able to provide privacy with a seamless User Experience, granted that the UI in our beta is rough. That is why we need your help. 

    What is the difference between privacy and security? Let's use an example: once you are sitting at the gate of an airport (having gone through all of the security checkpoints successfully are you secure? Technically yes. Are you private? No, you have been scanned and patted down multiple times before you could go sit by your gate. Many "private" messengers can see all of your information they just don’t allow those without permission to look at your information (NSA and other nefarious snoopers). This is because their definition of private is keeping everyone else out of seeing your message. Here at Chadder our goal is to be a truly private messenger that cannot see any of your information. We are secure as well, keeping everyone else out of your message. Just when we say everyone we include ourselves.

    Now that you know about the application. How do we make money? We are raising capital to build out the application and customize it's UI so that everyone will use it as a truely private messenger. This aside money does not fall from trees (we checked) and we do have to maintain our staff and servers without asking constantly asking for donations without features in return. So, we plan on including Zap Messages that allow your messages to really dissapear off of your friends phone after the set amount of time! You will always be allowed to see your data even if it timed out on other peoples phones. We also plan on offering other fonts, stickers, and a bunch of fun image editing features. If you want to know more about features we will offer as upgrades to the base application check out our blog here!

    Currently we have a beta application running on Windows and Android.  Partnered with John McAfee & Future Tense Central.



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    Lexi  Sprague Avatar


    Hi Everyone! 

    I am the founder of Etransfr the company building Chadder a private messaging application for everyone!!

    Hope to hear from you all soon!

    Lexi Sprague


    Raised $2,940

    Goal $50,000



    This campaign concluded funding at 4:04 pm GMT on October 29, 2014 after successfully raising 6% of its goal!

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