About QiKfunder

About QiKfunder

Fund it Back™ and Fund it Back™:GLOBAL

QiKfunder hosts several unique features that make us the best option for your crowdfunding needs. In our Fund it Back™ program, project and equity campaign creators can opt to donate 1% of their raised funds towards any cause or charity on QiKfunder. Fund it Back™ projects are featured throughout the site with a bright orange border, increasing exposure for the creator and aiding a charitable cause!

Similarly, our Fund it Back™: GLOBAL program is target towards Bitcoin enthusiasts, enabling them to make an impact on a greater scale. Each month, QiKfunder features a new charity; any user can scan the listed QR code to contribute, and at the end of the month all proceeds gathered are given to the featured charity. Our goal is to help out some of the best comunity efforts that may be in need of immediate financial assistance, and don't necessarily have the sizable public and social presence that older, established charities have to raise funding. Most recently, we featured the Angels for Animals Network in Laguna Beach, California.

Sliding Scale: Better Incentives for Social Funding

With our Sliding Scale funding model, we aim to protect potential funders AND incentivize strong, well-planned project campaigns. The Sliding Scale encourages and rewards entrepreneurs to reach full funding. Projects receiving 50-69% still receive any funding they've earned, minus an 8% fee. From 70-79%, the fee decreases to 7%, 80-89% = 6% fee, and 90-99% = 5% fee. Projects that are funded 100% and above are subject to only a 4% fee - less than most competitors! In this way, project creators are rewarded for well-designed projects and greater funding, without losing everything if they fail to reach their goals (as might happen in traditional 'all or nothing' funding models).

Fundraising for Causes and Non-Profits

In addition to its Fund it Back™ program, QiKfunder also encourages users to create charitable causes for crowdfunding. We understand that often in these Causes, any amount of funding can help! Unlike standard projects, approved Causes retain all funding raised, subject to only a flat 4% fee. Though we encourage Cause creators to set a goal on their campaign, there is no minimum percentage required in order to receive any funding you earn. When you sign-up for your registered 501(c)(3), you gain the ability to create both social projects and charitable Causes within the same network. This allows you to efficiently raise funding for all of your charity's needs, and gain greater exposure as an organization!

Equity and Real Estate Crowdfunding

Currently in its late Beta stages, QiKfunder's equity and real estate crowdfunding platform gives entrepreneurs more widespread exposure and makes investing in new ventures more streamlined and accessible. We'll be releasing more details on our Equity Funding platform shortly - we're excited to share news on its development and progress!

QiKfunder is Built with Greater Accessibility & Security in Mind

Finally, one of the greater focuses of QiKfunder is to make networking easy and enjoyable, while maintaining great accessibility. We offer full site translations across multiple languages, customizable user interface features, & have plans for much more immediately following launch. By building our crowdfunding platform with an emphasis on the individual user, we allow users to better interact with one another, registered non-profits, & businesses. Users can register their business or charity on QiKfunder and start projects individually or on behalf of their organization. The business or non-profit can then network back and forth with any of its employees registered on QiKfunder, granting greater exposure to both parties.

From a security standpoint, QiKfunder collects and stores only the information it needs to function properly and efficiently - we store as little personal information on our users as possible. Further, we uphold the latest and highest-quality standards and best practices in web security, ensuring that even the little data we do maintain on users is made as unreadable and worthless as possible to potential attackers.